Medical Travel Package


POISE Aesthetic & Soul Clinic is one of the finest and biggest medical aesthetic clinic in Jakarta. Medical specialty services include plastic surgery, skin care, dental care, hair transplant and male anti-aging, clinical nutrition, psychiatry and hypnotherapy. Clients will be attented by POISE experts within their field, and integratedly. To complete your self transformation, non-medical service is also available for eyebrow micropigmentation and the style-makeover.

POISE Clinic recently commenced its service in October 2016. During the relatively short period of time thus far, the clinic has tended to sundry satisfied clienteles from in-town, out-town, famous personas, expats and international travelers alike. POISE is confident that you will find a suitable specialist for your tailored treatment. If you are traveling from out of Jakarta and requires an accommodation and transport arrangments, this medical travel package will greatly be at your ease.

At POISE Clinic, your safety and comfort is the outmost priority. Located strategically at the cozy main road of Pakubuwono at South Jakarta, we extend a heartfelt welcome from all doctors and staff in-house. With the special rate and arrangment for POISE clients with the closeby homey Veranda Hotel, you will instantly feel at-home.

If you are travelling from out of town or overseas, to ease your trip into your treatments, our staff will delightfully assist in arranging your itinerary including scheduling, ticketing, transportation and accommodation.

POISE will also assist you on preprocedural lab workup and preparation if needed.

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