dr. Laureen Supit

Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director


Area of special interest:

Face and Breast Aesthetic Surgery

Botox, Filler, Holistic Anti-aging

A board-certified plastic surgeon, dr. Supit currently practices at POISE Clinic and Medistra Hospital; both a renowned center in Jakarta. Her cases have been predominantly of aesthetic nature although her passion in reconstructive surgery also runs deep, and was the reason she walked into the realm of plastic surgery.

Graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Medical Science in 2005 taking home the Dean’s Prize of outstanding achievement, she went straight on to pursue her medical degree and obtained the Bachelor of Medicine in 2006 from University of Indonesia, then graduated Medical Doctor Cum Laude in 2008. She attained the Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery board-certification in 2013 as one of the youngest graduate for the program. During the course of her training, dr. Supit won several 1st place awards for Research Proposal and The Golden Knife Award. She also published a few national and international papers, and is a writer and editor.

Dr. Supit regularly participates in both national and international conferences. Her additional clinical exposures include shorter trainings in Pakistan, Australia, Yale Plastic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery, and more than 4-specialized aesthetics clinics around Seoul, Daegu and Busan in Korea.

Dr Supit is a movie enthusiast, food lover and thinker. She finds meeting new people, listening to life-stories, and being able to make a change for-the-better most rewarding. A poetic melancholic, dr. Supit insists that a being will not attain a state of beauty without first attaining a peace of mind. That core fundamental is embraced within the ‘soul’ in Poise Aesthetic and Soul Clinic, which she founded together with Camelia Fena.

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