Bu Lia - POISE Founder

Camelia Fena

CEO and Founder


A lady with one of the strongest work ethics you will encounter, with her constant strive for service excellence and professionalism; POISE is lucky to have Camelia at the very heart of its service. She is the founder of POISE. Her 13 years in Citibank, her 3 years in corporate event organizing and her life-long craving to keep creating and orchestrating great things: brings together an ensamble of POISE People. People who are happily and dedicatedly doing what they love to do and what they are good at. Ms Fena’s high bar of contentment marks the quality assurance of the POISE team. That, and her taste of art and style, brings the other ‘touch of Soul’ to the POISE Aesthetic and Soul Clinic. You can see this reflected everywhere within the facility.

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